differentiate yourself from the competition

Enter the new era of color profitability

Probably the best dye in the world

The magic of taking care of your hair with abril et nature


The dye that will change your business and your hair with each application. With our own development and manufacturing, we collaborate with you to take your business to the next level. Find training, conditions and opportunity in each tube of dye.

Permanent and long lasting

Developed and tested to achieve a permanent result and long-lasting effect. Use treatments at home to maximize maintenance.

123 colors

We have an extensive menu with more than 123 shades that manage to give color, regenerating and providing shine at the same time.

100% coverage without PPDs

Four types of different pigments for the bases that guarantee total coverage, with long durability. Without PPDs, with permanent pigment precursors that develop color within the cortex and allow you to create any color technique, avoiding 99% of allergies.

Specific treatments

At Abril et nature, we design specific treatments to treat the color and maintain it for longer, in addition to caring for the hair. Such as Molecular, Therapy, Black Carbon, Revitalizing, Platinum or Nature-Plex.


Its active ingredients make the difference compared to other professional dyes. Protects, hydrates and nourishes hair, thanks to its formulation that contains plant stem cell extract, hyaluronic acid, plex, shea butter, olive oil and marine collagen.