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The Color line covers any technical work that you want to do on the hair, dyes, bleaching or oxidants. NatureColor Plex from abril et nature, is the dye that does not damage the hair, protects, nourishes and hydrates it. This range of colors offers us a menu of 123 colores without PPD*., with permanent pigment precursors that develop the color within the cortex and that allow the creation of any color technique, avoiding 99% of allergies. The family of bleaches is developed with the latest technologies and the most innovative active ingredients to achieve the best results protecting the hair throughout the process to minimize hair damage and breakage. On the other hand, the best complement to do a good technical job are oxidants, available in different volumes. 4vol. , 10vol. , 20vol. , 25vol. , 30vol. and 40vol.



Bodegon Molecular

Repair Molecular Therapy Line instantly restores hair, returning it to its natural state. Repairs, restructures and fills the hair fiber at a molecular level. Improves resistance by 100%. Stronger hair and easier to detangle and comb. Repairs split ends, closes and seals the cuticle. Results from the first application. Wtih the active ingredient Molecular-D Bond Restore exclusive to abril et nature.



The Stem Cell Line, is made up of five treatments and a finisher that contain, among other active ingredients, plant stem cell extract obtained from the Swiss Uttwiler Spätlauber apple. These, fractionated until they become microparticles, infiltrate the interior of the hair cortex, promoting the regeneration and rejuvenation of the hair.


Nature-Plex, hair protection and repair in technical work and aggressive environmental situations. Contains Cysteine Bond Complex, a complex created by abril et nature that regenerates the di-sulfide bridges of the keratin chains of the hair fiber, repairing broken bonds, healing and strengthening the hair from within. The line is completed with protective sprays against the sun, chlorine, salt and environmental factors.



Sublime, is a treatment that manages to repair, at the same time, and with the same effectiveness, internal and external damage to the hair fiber.
It has been possible to combine active ingredients very similar to those naturally present in the hair in the same formula and give them the ability to fixate in the different damaged areas of the fiber in a lasting way.



Nutrition Line these products offer complete hair care along with a restructuring that revitalizes hair at its most critical points, infusing positive energy that transforms its health and vitality. Made up of the nutrition lines: Keratin, Energic, Rehydration and Hemp Oil.



The thermal protector is the essential complement for those who use any thermal tool such as hair straighteners, curling irons or dryers on a daily basis.
With the variety of thermal protectors from abril et nature, it protects hair from heat, prevents hair fiber breakage and keeps it hydrated and soft. In addition, it allows you to enhance straightening and control frizz.



Nature-frizz is a line of corrective and straightening hair styling treatments. With corrective active ingredients derived from cysteine that do not cause damage to the hair, making it possible to use it as frequently as necessary. Prevents the frizz effect and static electricity, using positively charged active ingredients and nutrient oils.


styling (1)

The abril et naure Styling Line is characterized by flexible continuous film technology. Long-lasting products, even in humid environments, and with the ability to re-style for 48 hours. They do not produce waste or peeling of the film, which protects the hair fiber.



Strichological treatments from the Fepean 2000 line, advanced with the latest technology to solve the three most common hair problems, hair loss, dandruff and oil.
Its combination of naturally obtained active ingredients allows it to give effective results, visible from the first applications. All treatments are vegan.



Platinum is a violet toning treatment designed especially for highlighted, bleached and/or gray hair. Neutralizes yellow tones in hair, maintaining the original color, providing shine and softness for longer.



Revitalizing is an acidic pH hair treatment for the recovery of hair that has undergone alkaline technical work; coloring, toning, color baths, perms, straightening, bleaching, highlights or shaping. Fixes and protects color, prolonging its duration and preventing it from fading.



Black Carbon is a toning shampoo and mask treatment with pigmentation to intensely nourish and repair hair damaged by discoloration and highlights, which need long-lasting hydration.



At abril et nature we have formulated a line of vegan skin care products, with innovative active ingredients, perfect to include in a day and night routine.

From the deepest skin care to the most intense hydration, each product is designed to meet the needs of any skin type, acting from the first application.

Our facial range consists of micellar water, boosters, serums, creams, eye contour, lip contour and special facial products for men’s skin.