abril et nature spray directional extra strong 500 ml.

Extra strong fastening spray.

It is produced based on a novel polymer of high fixing power that bases its action on the formation of a film with three-dimensional matrix effect.

This produces greater fastening force and moisture resistance.

500ml format.


EAN13: 8436009780292

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€13.00 (I.V.A. inc.)

The high quality of polymer makes at the time of spraying a very fine atomization of the spray: microscopic drops are obtained, allowing an excellent distribution of the fixing film along the hair.

It forms transparent and bright films, without residue. Durable fixation. Excellent touch on the hair. Easy removal with shampoo. You can leave a rigid finish or you can brush for a more natural finish, without producing residue.

Apply small pulsations to approximately 30cm of the hair. Apply to dry hair.
To obtain volume, vaporize near the roots by lifting the hair with your fingers.
Vaporize over long hairs to fix the hairstyle assembly.

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