abril et nature bain shampoo keratin 250ml.

Shampoo with queratin for hair repair with damaged queratinic fibers. Reconstructs the hair from the inside to the bark, reinforcing the hair thus preventing breakage.

250ml format.

EAN13: 8436009783996

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Hair repair with damage to the queratinic structure

bain shampoo keratin of abril et nature is the first step of the keratinTreatment, intended to repair the hair with damage to the structure of queratin, both internal and external.

Moisturizing oils and anti-frizz cationic actives, help damaged hair recover faster, as well as leave a controlled, strong and easy-to-comb mane.

Advantages of keratin treatment

- Returns to the hair its natural strength, preventing breakage.

- Repairs the queratinic structure of chemical, mechanical or environmental damage.

- High frizz control.


How to use:

With wet hair, deposit enough in your hand according to the length and amount of hair to be washed. Spread with both hands all over your head and perform an energetic but non-aggressive massage by the hair and with your fingertips on your scalp. Rinse with plenty of water.

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