• Stem Cells Line

    Stem Cells Line

    <p>Stem Cells is composed of five treatments and one finalizer containing, among other assets, plant stem cell extract obtained from the Swiss apple Uttwiler Sp.tlauber.</p><p>These, fractionated into microparticles, infiltrate inside the capillary cortex favoring hair regeneration and rejuvenation.</p><p>Treatments are focused on each type of hair as thick, normal, thin or curly/wavy.</p>
  • Nature-Plex Line

    Nature-Plex Line

    <p>Protection and repair of hair in technical work and aggressive environmental situations. It <strong>contains Cysteine Bond Complex,</strong>a complex created by abril et nature that regenerates the di-sulfide bridges of the sheath chains of the hair fiber, repairing the broken bonds healing and reinforcing the hair from within.</p><p><strong>Nature-Plex treatment:</strong> Treatment for hair preparation and repair for aggressive technical work (discoloration, smoothing, permanent, etc.).</p><p><strong>hair sunscreen:</strong> Protection of hair from exposure to sun, seawater and chlorine. With UVA and UVB filter.</p>
  • Keratin Line

    <p>Keratin Line is the line that will provide our hair with a strong injection of queratin, both externally and internally. In this way a total repair is achieved, reconstructing the fibers and sealing the cuticle. It consists of the following treatments:</p><p><strong>keratin treatment:</strong> Repair cuticular and regeneration of the queratinic structure in normal and thick hair.</p><p><strong>Oxygen Cool:</strong> bain shampoo intended for sensitive and delicate hair. Fresh effect when containing menthol. For hair of normal thickness.</p><p><strong>oxygen o2:</strong> bain shampoo intended for sensitive and delicate hair. With natural extracts of orange, lemon, blueberries and sugar cane. For hair of normal thickness.</p><p><strong>silk:</strong> instant mask with silk protein.</p><p><strong>thermal protector:</strong> protector heat that is activated by the heat of the iron or dryer by injecting queratin into the hair.</p>
  • Nutrition Line

    Nutrition Line

    <p><span><strong>nutrition line</strong> is a line of products that specifically re-structure hair, where it is most necessary, bringing positive energy to the hair. </span>nutrition line consists of two very similar repair treatment lines but with their own characteristics according to <span>the needs of the <strong>hair,rehydration and energic. </strong></span></p><p><strong>rehydration:</strong> It recovers natural lipids from the hair, and is aimed at serious problems of need for hydration. It is the ideal treatment to be applied after a day of beach or pool.</p><p><strong>energic:</strong> Recover the natural lipids from the hair and correct the most serious frizz problems.</p>
  • Correction Line

    <p>Line of corrective treatments and hair straighteners.</p><p>With correction assets derived from cysteine that do not cause damage to the hair, it is possible to use it as frequently as it is considered necessary.</p><p>Formulated with active ingredients, derived from amino acids equal to those of hair, non-aggressive and non-harmful, neither for hair fiber nor for the scalp.</p><p>Increases hair strength and breakage resistance.</p>
  • Fepean 2000

    Fepean 2000

    <p>Trichological treatments to solve the three most common hair problems, fall, dandruff and fat.</p><p>They incorporate the latest technological advances to achieve the best results as quickly as possible.</p><p>With assets of natural origin.</p>
  • Color Line

    Color Line

    <p><b>The Color</b> line ofabril et naturecovers both the coloring or dyeing of the hair, as well as the care of dyed or discolored hair, to protect and maintain its color and shine.</p><p>Latest generation treatments that make color work simple that also doesn't damage hair.</p><p>Vibrant colors, discoloration with stem cells, treatments that encapsulate color, nuancers... a complete range for creating and caring for the best stylings.</p>
  • Avanced Styling

    <p><b>abril et nature's Styling</b> Line is characterized by flexible continuous film technology. Long-lasting products, even in humid environments, and with re-styling capacity for 48 hours. They do not produce residue or peeling of the film, protecting the hair fiber from damage.</p>
  • Hygiene

    <p>The range of hygiene products of abril et nature is composed of hydroalcoholic gels and hair spray, all containing alcohol ethanol at 70% for greater effectiveness.</p>
  • Gift Packs

    <p>The Gift Packs of treatments abril et nature is the perfect detail to tell someone special that you think about it. Complete treatments of 3 products in a gift box with a modern and attractive design.</p>

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