abril et nature bain shampoo CBD Cannabis Oil 250ml.

Shampoo with organic cannabis oil, hyaluronium acid, babassu oil and green tea extract.

Detox, relaxing, anti-stress, revitalizing and purifying.

250ml format.


EAN13: 8436009783866

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€15.99 (I.V.A. inc.)

Shampoo specially formulated to obtain a relaxation and anti-stress effect during hair washing. The sensory combination of cannabis oil, green tea extract and the aroma of medicinal shampoo plants create a relaxing and de-stressing atmosphere. The especially soft touch provided by cannabis oil, helps to relax the skin of the scalp during massage.

Soft and moisturizing shampoo, especially suitable for the treatment of hair that need a long-lasting hydration and nutrition intake. Hairs that have a deficit of natural lipids or hair damaged by aggressive chemical work.

It contains microscopic drops of moisturizing oils that are deposited on the surface of the hair. The hair is hydrated and soft.

It also contains positively charged polymers with anti-frizz effect.

How to use: wash the hair with a gentle massage. Extend the massage time for a few minutes for a relaxing and de-stressful effect.

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