abril et nature oil exfoliant 250ml.

Mixture of oils and exfoliating papaya particles that clean the scalp and follicular ducts, improving hair health and regeneration.

It thoroughly cleanses and oxygenates the scalp, allowing hair to grow healthy and vigorous.

Prevents common hair problems such as fat, dandruff and fall, as well as improving overall hair health.

250ml format.


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Scalp exfoliating oil with papaya particles

abril et nature oil exfoliant cleanses and oxygenates the scalp.

Natural oils help papaya particles produce an energetic but gentle exfoliation that allows you to drag all the remains that may be found on the scalp, allowing the follicles to breathe better.

Its periodic use is advisable for all types of hair, whether or not it has a clearly visible problem, such as dandruff, fat or fall, as it strengthens the health of the hair making the hair fiber receive more and better nutrients.

Menthol, in addition to purifying the surface, produces a refreshing effect that slightly stimulates blood circulation.

How to use:

SHAKE BEFORE USE. Apply a small amount to the scalp and perform an energetic but gentle massage with your fingertips for 3/5 minutes. Rinse with plenty of warm water.

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