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+plus lotion

Concentrated Anti-hair loss. End of the treatment.

It acts as a 5α-reductase enzyme inhibitor. It stops dihydro-testosterone (DHT) being produced, preventing initiation of the hair follicle degradation process, by hormonal cause. It improves micro-circulation in a “natural” way, that is, similar to the way our own body controls cutaneous micro-circulation It stimulates growth and cellular proliferation and slows down the ageing process With plant growth factor proteins It strengthens the bond between the skin and the root of the hair, stimulating, therefore, its growth It provides natural sebum regulating properties. It is also important to prevent an excess of sebum that can obstruct the hair follicles In the very first application, it reinforces the fibre from within, provides smoothness, resistance to breakage and resistance to chemical and mechanical attacks

Method of Use:
Last step of + Plus Anti-Hair Loss treatment. Apply directly to the dry scalp once a day, until you see that the problem has diminished. Subsequently, apply once a week for maintenance. Do not rinse.

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abril et nature Anti-Hair Loss +plus lotion

+plus lotion
Anti-Hair Loss


  • 100ml

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